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How To Make Filipino Ramen Yummy CH Adobo Flavor

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Today I will show you how to make Filipino Ramen!!! You can make this simple ramen recipe with chicken adobo flavor yourself in The Philippines using local Filipino ingredients.


@Jovelyn Park Hope you will try this one! ;)

For this recipe you can use any kind of instant ramen from your favorite Filipino food store. You can make a collagen rich bone broth using the slow cooker or crock pot but if you don't have it you could use a regular pan, add the chicken feet bones and water and simmer for at least several hours!

0:00 Grabe naman!
0:15 Step 1 (bone broth)
1:13 Step 2 (flavored oil)
2:15 Step 3 Topping No.1 (chicken adobo)
4:05 Step 3 Topping No. 2 (ajitama eggs)
5:46 Step 4 (noodles)
7:08 Step 5 (tare soy sauce)
8:31 Filipino Fusion Dishes!!! BONUS

onion, garlic, cooking oil, water, chicken feet (bones), chicken thighs, black pepper, sugar, soy sauce, white vinegar, spring onions, eggs, instant noodles (ramen)

Steps in the right order to complete the bowl
1. flavored oil
2. tare (soy sauce)
3. chicken broth
4. noodles
5. toppings (use your imagination and creativity!)

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